Comprehensive Customer Relationship Strategy (Claritas CRM)

Customer Relation

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) empower you to your relationship with customer from all aspects, to ensure retention and promoting customer satisfaction. Retaining customers to form a long-term customer relationship is the most important factor when comes to implementing CRM solutions. ClaritasTM manage complete CRM solutions to organization and enhance their customer experience. We believe in sharing customer main goal team up as partner and grow together along their journey to success. Our approach includes careful planning, management and execution. This structure is figured to give a swift and proficient reception of our product and in fraction of time and cost.

Loyalty program are regularly and internal part of a comprehensive customer relationship strategy. It is a strategic marketing approach where company focuses on customer growth and retention through rewards and incentive. Loyalty in CRM is an important process to generate recurring revenue and maintain brand loyalty, and this is exactly where ClaritasTM CRM can expertly lend you a hand. Building client loyalty is not an overnight process and implementing a CRM solution goes far in helping you to upgrade brand awareness and customer loyalty.


ClaritasTM boost service effectiveness and customer satisfaction by introduce CRM for support. Most of the customer nowadays uncompromise speed and responsive administration over each channel from call centre to email and social web. With ClaritasTM CRM for support, you will convey everything under one integrated platform such as automate support processses, track service level systematically, manage sevice & contract, customer self-help portal and turn experience into knowledge.


ClaritasTM Cloud sits on top of Microsoft Azure Platform to provide you unprecedented availability at fraction of the cost. Cloud CRM means any customer relationship management technology where the CRM software, CRM tools and the organization’s customer data resides in the cloud and is delivered to end-users via the Internet. IT is experiencing a seismic move from customer server model to the cloud, a shift similar in importance and impact as the move from centralized server to customer server decades ago. Today, cloud computing completely revolutionized the way IT solutions are being delivered. Cloud promises as a less expensive alternative, as well as speedier, more flexible and more effective way to run your IT operation and administration. ClaritasTM put what we embrace into practice, ensuring we deliver the ultimate satisfaction to customer to be the best Customer Relationship Management System in Malaysia.