Alarm System Malaysia (Safetron Technology)

Alarm System


SAFETRON TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is a leading Professional Electronic Surveillances and Security Integrator in Malaysia. Safetron is primarily occupied with the matter of supplying, installation and servicing of safety and secured electronic security products for the residential, commercial and industrial properties.At Safetron, their are not only strive to provide you with products that will help you run your business more efficient, they also offer you valuable edge over your competitors by providing you with expert consultation, global support, strong foundation in solutions implementation and integration.Safetron trusted experience, combined with the quality and reliability of our integrated systems, allow our valued customers to meet their existing and emerging security challenges.

Protected you, your family and everything you value most. Safetron is one of the CCTV suppliers. CCTV is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primary for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV comes in many functions such traffic monitoring, observing behaviour of imprisoned prisoners and possibly perilous patients in therapeutic offices, and maintaining perimeter security in medium to high secure areas and installations, and many more.  Safetron provide many option for their customer with many type of CCTV that were provided with different features. Becoming a leading company with security integrator, Safetron give the best services and the quality product of wireless CCTV in Malaysia.

Safetron also supplied the autogate system Malaysia which is CNG Swing Arm Automation Gate System, AMGATE Swing Automation Gate System, and AMGATE Sliding Automation Gate System. The autogate is an establishment on a gate to open or close it automatically. This device is a convenient tool for car owners and the entire household because you can control when you leave or enter your home. Commercial autogate devices are remotely-operated which mean you can use the remote from inside the house or from your car once get home.

An alarm device or system of alarm gives a perceptible, visual or other type of alarm signal about an issue or condition. Alarms play an imperative part in securing property, bringing issue to light, and giving a notice of a possibly unsafe condition or circumstance. The best home security system should be reliable, secure and dedicated to your protection. Safetron provide the reliability and the quality type of alarm system  such as alarm system-Shop Lot and alarm system- Shop House which both give the best feature of  alarm system in Malaysia.